June Awards Ceremony in Rotterdam - Grand Finale Results

After a wonderful event in Rotterdam on 15 June, The EJC would like to thank all attendees for a successful finale. It was great to see everyone again! After an insightful panel on the Election Results and the future of the EU blogosphere, the awards ceremony began. In total, 30 bloggers received a variety of prizes for their award winning blogs. Please see the list below to find out who won!

Quality Bloggers – iPhone

  1. Anita Kalmane, Latvia
  2. Athena Arsalidou, Cyprus
  3. Boyan Yurukov, Bulgaria
  4. David Christopher, UK
  5. Eamonn Fitzgerald, Ireland
  6. Eveline De Winter, Belgium
  7. Muusa Kostilainen, Finland
  8. Karolis Vysniauskas, Lithuania
  9. Katrina Bishop, UK
  10. Mats Siffels, Netherlands
  11. Marta Guttierez Benet, Spain
  12. Radovana Jagrikova, Slovakia
  13. Simon Van Woerden, Netherlands
  14. Stephen Spillane, Ireland
  15. Joeri Oudshoorn, Netherlands
  16. Toni Straka, Austria
  17. Veerle Vrindts, Belgium
  18. Ivan Kutil, Czech Republic
  19. Jaques Zammit, Malta
  20. Ari Rusila, Finland

Impact Award

  1. Nikola Richter, Germany
  2. Andrei Tuch, Estonia
  3. Franziska Broich, Germany
  4. Hristo Hristov, Bulgaria
  5. Frank Schittenger, Ireland

Overall Winner

  1. Etan Smallman, UK
  2. Frank Schittenger, Ireland
  3. Histro Histrov, Bulgaria

WINNER: Etan Smallman, UK

April and May Viewer’s Choice Winners

The EJC has announced the two winners for the months of April and May. April’s award goes to Elmine Wijnia for her video-post titled The Power of the European Parliament Explained and May’s award goes to Tanja Kovacic’s post, To Sum Up: We will do More for Everyone. From Slovenia with Pair of Gloves!

Congrats to all!

March Winner Announced - April 2st, 2009

The Viewer’s Choice Award for the month of MARCH goes to George Iulian Jiglau For his post titled “Getting Sensitive Part I: Is The EU Capable of dealing with the problems of the Roma?” Read it here

Flip Winners Announced - April 1st, 2009

We received so many applications for FLIPS this month, which made choosing the 6 winners very difficult. This will not be the last surprise prize give-away so if you didn’t win this time, *keep your eyes peeled* for the next. The 6 FLIP winners are:

1. Simon Van Woerden
2. Frank Schittenger
3. Nikola Richter
4. Kirsty Styles
5. Boyan Yurukov
6. Mats Siffels

More FLIPs to Give Away! - Thursday, March 5th, 2009

The European Journalism Centre is giving away 6 HD Flip Cameras on April 1st to TH!NK Bloggers. How can you get one? Write 100 words about what kind of stories you’d cover with your Flip. Post it in the community, on the main platform or or send me an email!

Deadline for submissions is March 27.

Surprise Winner! - Monday, February 16, ‘09

CONGRATULATIONS HELENA MERCER! You are the winner of a brand new HD FLIP Camera! Helena is the first in a series of surprise prizes, and she was selected in a lottery, held at the EJC. See the FLIP in action HERE!

Event Coverage - Brussels Launch

Blogging the EU - Panel discussion featuring Mark Mardell (BBC), Tony Barber (FT) and Stefan Happer (PolitikPortal) - Moderation by Andreas Mullerleile

Vlogging - Raymond Frenken (EUXTV)

Europe’s hot topics 2009 - Piotr Kazynszki (CEPS)

Covering the Election - AEGEE Presentation featuring Mario Varrenti

Communicating the EU - Discussion featuring Michael Opfgenhaffen and Ruth Spencer  (EJC)

Standing out in the Blogosphere - Clo Willaerts (Sanoma Group)

How to blog creatively - Julian Popov

How to create a winning EU blog - Panel discussion featuring TH!NK Editors: Nanne Zwagerman, Andreas Mullerleile, Jon Worth, Daniel Antal

Featured TH!NKer Video

The EJC has created a new TH!NK video on the Brussels launch event

Mixing your ideas about Europe… - Monday, February 9, ‘09

The EJC has launched its 2nd Parliamentary website - Milkshaker !

Milkshaker hosts all kinds of media related to the European Parliament. With sources varying from newspapers to blogs, Milkshaker will create a path to different kinds of information for you to compare, and use to come up with your own opinion to share with others.

Log on and check it out!


First Surprise Prize Announced! - Monday, February 9, ‘09

The first in a series of surprise prizes for TH!NKers will be announced on Monday February, 16th. This prize will only be available to TH!NKers who have already posted by the 16th.

Recent Press - Monday, February 2, ‘09

A list of recent press pieces written about TH!NK:

Mark Mardell - BBC
Tony Barber - FT
Julien Frisch

We’ve Launched! - Sunday, February 1, ‘09

Welcome TH!NKers and readers alike. This is the official TH!NK ABOUT IT european blogging competition 2009. We encourage participation and discussion!

Best of luck and happy blogging!

-The EJC TH!NK team