Winners Receive…

Throughout the course of TH!NK, The EJC has been giving away lots of awards. The winners of the bulk of the awards will be announced in June at the Rotterdam Grand Finale Event.

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo has generously sponsored the TH!NK campaign’s Viewer’s Choice of the Month Award. This category’s four winners will receive one of the latest 2009 Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbooks, which will be unveiled on May 12th, 2009. The IdeaPad Lenovo laptops are lightweight and their small size makes them extremely portable - a definite must for bloggers who need to plug-in and upload on the go. This cutting edge laptop is an upgraded version of the existing S10 model which can be seen here.

Check back for more details and photos to come after the product launch!

Some of the features on the new S10 include: Wifi, Dolby Headphone technology, Lenovo Quickstart for fast access to music, photos and instant messaging applications, Veriface facial recognition technology, Built-in Webcam, 4-in-1 card reader, up to 6 hours battery life.

The IdeaPad is 10″ wide, weighs less than 1kg and is less than 2.5cm thick.


AEGEE Prizes

AEGEE, one of the biggest interdisciplenary student organisations in Europe; it is represented by 15.000 students, active in 232 academic cities, in 43 countries all around Europe. AEGEE generously awarded TH!NKers with 2 free trips to Y-VOTE events in both Budapest and Ljubljana. The student organisation will also select a blogger of its choice to award an iPOD touch.


Flip Cameras

The EJC has given away 6 TH!NK ABOUT IT HD Flip Cameras. Learn more about the Flip here.



The EJC will give away 25 iPhones to winners in the categories of: Best Quality (20), Most Impact (5) at the event in June. Read more about the iPhone here



One overall winner of the TH!NK competition will receive a Macbook in June. Read more about the Macbook here