Elections in the Italian Way

During these days I was strolling around Trieste and came across posters with direct agitation of Democratic Party (Partito Democratico) against the politics of Silvio Berlusconi. Italian prime minister who lately provokes a lot of comments regarding his behavior on a higher diplomatic level (more from Kosmopolito) is on the posters mentioned as someone who does not care about small enterprises and unemployment. He does not, but EU does. The posters directly point on difference between Berlusconi’s politics and the politics of Democratic Party with the slogan: “We are Europeans!”


I got a bit curious about the whole story and checked the web sites (one of them attached above) mentioned on the posters. Democratic Party is actually a structure which embodies several parties and fractions and could be probably seen as a centre-left coalition, which inside of the EP belongs to ALDE and PES political groups. The services of YouDem.tv are by the side of the party used especially for political agitation but also for presentation of its views on development of different internal policies.

un-treno2 While the official web site under the name Scuola di Politica (School of politics) reveals an interesting projects called: Un treno per l’europa (The train for Europe). The idea incorporates a journey by train which will for 4 days connect 400 participants who will dedicate their time to sightseeing and also learning about the EU. Under this aim, the school prepares a seminar which will open some issues related to the Union. I found especially innovative the idea of connecting tourism with political aims. In this way, the train will depart from Turin; stop in Paris, Berlin, Prague and in the end park in Venice. The program will mostly address social, geopolitical, legal and economic dimensions of the EU. I am wondering if some of our Italian readers will participate on the train and could maybe give us an insight about this definitely interesting idea…

At the same time the effort of the party seems to be especially important in times when Berlusconi just formed a bloc with the post-fascist party of Gianfranco Fini: Il Popolo della Liberta (the People of Freedom) which aim is to join EPP-ED group after the EP elections.

The question now is: which bloc has more chances to win the EP elections?

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4 Responses to “Elections in the Italian Way”

  1. Andrea G.B. says:

    The last polls are quite clear, Berlusconi’s party would be the most voted.

    1) very few people in Italy have a European conscience;
    2) in my own opinion, Silvio Berlusconi and his collegues will not represent Italy in Europe and Europe in Italy. Even if Berlusconi has strong ties with Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, he should not have a great reputation after his last deeds and gaffes.

  2. Tanja says:

    Thnx, Andrea! In case you are comming back to this post: can you maybe share your opinion about the reasons for Berlusconi’s popularity and non-EU conscience among Italian voters…

  3. Andrea says:

    The following are my opinion, and I’m not trying to give a politological analysis of the situation.

    For historical reason, Italins are not well-educated. Most of them are very simple and Berlusconi, an expert in communication, knows well how to talk to them and how to increase his popularity. He is simple and he tells to them what they want to say (a real “man of providence”) and some people just love him because he is funny (not like other politicians) and succesful.

    For the second question: most of Italians don’t care about Italy and what politicians do, so how can they get interested in institutions considered far from them?! Moreover, when we read newspapers we often find articles on critics to Italy and silly laws made by the European institutions, or the uselessness of European deputies. These articles increase the negative beliefs among Italian voters.

  4. Nancy Lewis says:

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